Win More Contracts With Support From Pinnacle Surety

When looking at the various contract bonds on offer from a surety insurance company, the primary goal is to gain protection for your construction firm. However, there are many hidden benefits that should provide an incentive for taking out those agreements. Oddly enough, one of the most significant elements revolves around the prospect of winning more clients.

Teaming up with a surety insurance company may be one of the smartest moves you’ll ever make in the battle for commissions.

What Can A Surety Insurance Company Do For You?

Pinnacle Surety BondsTeaming up with Pinnacle Surety will protect your business from a financial perspective. It does this with a host of insurance contracts that can protect you before, during, and after the work has been completed.

An array of associated surety bond insurance products are available, including;

  • Subdivision bonds
  • Court bonds
  • License bonds
  • Permit bonds
  • Construction bonds
  • Maintenance bonds for developers
  • Developer bonds
  • Surety bond
  • Contract bond
  • Performance bonds
  • Payment bonds

Pinnacle has you covered along every step of the way, which can bring a host of benefits directly to the business. From the added peace of mind of knowing that potential problems won’t have to stop you progressing with the next job. Even before considering the client relationship, putting those precautions in place should be high on the agenda. And that’s regardless of whether the specific project requires it as a legal obligation.

Having the various contracts in place will also allow you to focus on your work without constantly worrying. While you still need employees to work to the highest professional standards, the impact of the right bonds behind you can make a massive difference to your personal mentality.

So Why Does That Improve Your Hopes Of Commissioned Projects?

While the direct benefits to the operation are one thing, there’s no doubt that the concept of winning more contracts at improved rates is an extremely attractive prospect. Appreciating the reasons why it enhances that relationship with the client will enable you to make the smartest decisions for all future projects.

The key is to put yourself in the shoes of the client. Here are the reasons why they could look more positively on your construction firm when you have the support of those various surety insurance agreements behind you.

Financial Security:

Aside from providing your business with financial security, those surety contract agreements protect the client on a monetary front too. If something does go wrong, whether through your negligence or not, the client can file their claim quickly and receive the support and remuneration to fix the issue.

Better still, the fast response time prevents delays on the work and enables them to continue working at full speed and with the greatest levels of productivity. Removing those financial fears can, therefore, encourage them to use your business with greater confidence.

Performance Bonds Security

Emotional Security:

Most clients hate the thought of getting caught up in disagreements with the contractors. When you are associated with a surety team like Pinnacle, the project owners know that they can fix any problems without necessarily dealing with you directly. This is a big selling point for them.

While you know that your contractors and staff are committed to the client, it’s important to accept that this can be a source of concern. Removing it entirely can only support your progress as you look to convert interest into converted sales and agreements.

Attention To Detail:

Seeing a contractor pay attention to the finer details instantly puts a client in a better mood. Their opinions of the company will soar, which can only result in them giving your team a fair crack at the whip in the bid for their contract. Moreover, they’ll feel respected as a client.

After all, nobody wants to work with a contractor that is exclusively interested in their own needs. In turn, the client is far more likely to listen to what you have to say with greater interest. If you can continue to grab their attention in a winning fashion, success is assured.

Increased Trust:

As already touched upon, the fact that the client can see you have made a commitment to them can be very comforting. When they know that you’re dedicated to them, they’ll have far fewer reasons to doubt your quality in business. This is especially true when supported by positive testimonials.

Aside from having trust in your intentions, they’ll know that you simply cannot afford to purposely make mistakes. Those errors are going to cost you once the surety insurer has paid out on the claim. The fact that it’s in your interest to work to professional standards is a telling factor.

Legal Compliance:

Legal Compliance performance bondsDepending on the type of project being discussed, it will be a legal requirement for maintenance bonds and performance bonds to be in place. While this is primarily something that the contractor should worry about, clients will not ignore their responsibilities.

Ultimately, a client isn’t going to choose a contractor that could be putting them at risk on a legal level. Even if your quote is the lowest and standards are the best, virtually all clients would prefer to take the secure option. Essentially, you’re showing them that their project is in safe hands.

The Final Word

Before completing the construction work related to a specific project, you must first learn to build winning relationships with all clients. While there are many other factors to consider, ranging from communicational skills to proven credentials, there’s no doubt that linking up with a surety insurance provider is key. Make sure it’s a reputable name like Pinnacle, and you’ll see a significant boost in proposal agreements.

Given that this is the most important step en route to achieving sustained success, now is the time to do it.