When you are investing in a major construction project, it’s a good idea to protect your business against unexpected problems. As anyone with experience in the construction industry will know, the work does not always go to plan.

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Cash flow issues arise, contractors fail to fulfill the terms of their contract, or there is a shortage of materials that puts the job on hold. These challenges can extend the lifespan of a project indefinitely, resulting in disruption, loss of reputation, and huge financial loss.

So what can you do to protect yourself against this outcome? One of the most effective ways to safeguard your investment is to take out construction insurance bonds. These surety bonds are a form of development indemnity coverage insurance that provides a guarantee that the work will be completed on schedule, in accordance with the contract.

But what are construction insurance bonds, and how do they protect you?

What is a construction insurance bond?

Construction insurance bondsConstruction insurance bonds, otherwise known as construction surety bonds and construction completion bonds, are a form of legally binding contract between three different parties in a construction project:

  • The investors
  • The parties managing the construction
  • The surety firm backing the bonds

The construction surety bonds provide protection against the investment in the construction project in the event that disruption or poor performance derails the work. Constructing an office building or residential property can take months, if not years to fully complete. This is an enormous amount of time in which things can go wrong. For example, a contractor may pull out the job or be unable to pay their subcontractors. Maybe the construction firm runs out of materials, or produces poor quality work. Completion bonds for construction will reduce the likelihood of these problems occuring, and protect you in the event that they do.

There are many different types of contract surety bonds for construction, all covering different eventualities. For example, there are municipality and subdivision improvement bonds, subcontractor bonds, land and site development bonds, grading bonds, and labor and materials bonds. But the three main types of construction surety bond insurance are performance bonds, bid bonds, and payment bonds. Let’s take a look at these now,

Bid Bonds

Before a construction project begins, it goes through the bidding process. Different construction firms and contractors will bid for the job, and the owner of the project will decide who wins. But sometimes the winning contractor may pull out of the job for various reasons, costing you a great deal of time and money in the process.

Performance Bonds

Construction insurance bondsAs the project owner, you expect your contractors to work to the terms outlined in the contract and maintain a high standard of work at all times. Once the bid has been accepted, a performance bond replaces the bid bond, providing a guarantee that protects you from financial loss if the contractor’s work is defective or subpar in any way.

Payment Bonds

Payment bonds, or contract bonds, are taken out in case a contractor is unable to compensate their workers or provide materials and equipment that is necessary for the completion of the job.

Why should you take out surety bonds for construction?

We’ve looked at the various different types of construction insurance bonds, but what are benefits and why are they so important? Here are some of the primary advantages:

Peace of Mind: If the idea of anything going wrong with your construction project keeps you up at night, surety bonds can alleviate your worry. They provide a guarantee that you will receive compensation if anything goes wrong, while also making it much more likely that contractors will fulfill the terms of their contracts.

Cost Savings: Unforeseen problems not only waste time, but they can cost a great deal of money too. Insurance bonds minimize disruption and ensure your project remains on track, and on budget.

Business Growth: When you use surety bonds, you will increase the success rate of your construction projects. This will allow you to boost your profits and expand your business much more easily.

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