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Pinnacle Surety is committed to long-term successful relationships. Below are just a few of the comments received from our clients.

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“I first met Mark Richardson at an AGC educational event where he was giving a presentation on Analyzing Work in Progress Schedules. Mark has a deep understanding of financial accounting in the construction industry, and we immediately connected. I had been working on increasing RM Mechanical’s bonding capacity. I had interviewed several bonding agents, but unfortunately, I found them all to be very vague when explaining how sureties measure a company’s financial accounting. Mark gave me specific advice regarding how to present our company’s financial statements in a way that would increase our bonding capacity. So we hired Mark! And it didn’t take long to see that we made the right choice. A few months later we requested a bid bond that far exceeded our bonding limits. I felt it was a long shot to get approval. But we told Mark “getting a bond would never stop us from getting a job!” Over the course of a week, Mark spent several hours strategizing with us and we got the bid bond! Mark and his team are a highly professional and dedicated group. They demonstrate to us time and time again that they know how to deliver on client’s needs.”Bradley Hom // CGMA, CPA, & CFO RM Mechanical, Inc.
“I was involved in the entitlement of over 10,000 residential lots before transitioning into home building. I was introduced to Pinnacle and have worked with them in relation to a number of residential housing projects over a number of years. No matter how simple, or how challenging any given project’s bonding needs may be Eric Lowey and his Pinnacle team always meet our needs efficiently, effectively, and with the utmost professionalism. When it comes to project bonding, I highly recommend Pinnacle.”Stuart Chelin // President, Gingi Corp.
“Pinnacle Surety has provided bonds for Doug Wall Construction for 15 years. What I really appreciate about Eric and the Pinnacle team is that they are ‘hands on’ and they call me every few months to ‘check in and check on’ how the business is doing. Eric has learned from the construction industry’s growth and failures. His knowledge about the company is based on past jobs, understanding our financials, and by keeping in contact. Around 2007, Eric encouraged us to keep tight control of our overhead, which helped us through some lean years. I feel like he is a big brother to me. He has never let me nor Doug Wall Construction down and it is due to his strong expertise in the bonds only business.”Doug Wall // President, Doug Wall Construction, Inc.