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Getting Your Surety Bond Quote

Once your application is complete you will receive your much anticipated surety bond quote. You always want to make sure you are getting the best possible rate available for your bond, which is why quotes are so important. It is completely free to obtain a surety bond quote, so this will give you the chance to assess various offers.

The experts at Pinnacle Surety are here to make the process as smooth and simple as possible for you. Now that you are aware how to apply, you might want to know a little more about the types of surety bonds we have to offer. Everybody will have a unique requirement when it comes to their surety bond, so consider if any of the following types are suitable for you.

Bid Bonds

Bid Bonds

Bid bonds are used during the bidding process of construction project. If a large project is about to commence the company that is contracting out the job will usually require their contractors to submit a bid bond sometimes referred to as a contract bond. This bid bond needs to be purchased by the contractor so that they are able to carry out the project they are bidding on. If this type of bond didn’t exist in this industry, it would be very difficult to distinguish those who are experienced and unqualified for the job. When a bid bond is purchased contractors are acknowledging that they have the finances to carry out the job at hand.

Payment Bonds

Another popular bond in the construction industry is a payment bond. These bonds provide the relevant financial backup that is often required in this line of work. Payment bonds help to protect the contractor themselves, so that costs of labour and maintenance can always be covered. This is a fundamental aspect of the construction industry, because it is an agreement between a contractor and a surety for a specific project. It makes sure that the costs are covered if a subcontractor is unable to pay out for any reason. Although the risks aren’t eliminated completely, it does transfer the risk to the surety.

Performance Bonds

Performance BondsA performance bond is given to one party in order to guarantee against the failure of the other party meeting the guidelines in the contract. This type of bond can often be referred to as a contract bond and is in place to make sure a contractor sees a project through right until the end. A performance bond is usually issued by an insurance company or bank and are very common in the real estate and construction industries. Subcontractor performance bonds are also common, in that it is a project specific agreement between a guarantor and a subcontractor. A subcontractor performance bond puts more responsibility onto the subcontractor and is often the top choice as it ensures the project is fulfilled without any extra costs.

Appeal Bonds

Appeal bonds come into play if you are involved in an active court case. If you were to lose, you might be able to appeal the final decision, which will often be at a higher court level. This process will cost you money on top of your existing legal fees, which is why an appeal bond might be useful to you. This means that you will have the money you need to pay for your court appeal. If the appeal is not successful, you will be financially liable, so it is important to keep this in mind.

Use the information above to assess the type of surety bond you might need a quote for. Get in touch today for further assistance and you will be one step closer to obtaining the best surety bond deal for you.

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