Are you worried about the performance of your project? Ultimately, things can go wrong unexpectedly, even when you as a contractor start out with all the finances, time, and subcontractors you need to complete a project. With a contract performance bond, site developers, property owners and contractors alike can all feel confident that they will be financially compensated should anything go wrong with a project.

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At Pinnacle Surety we firmly believe that everyone in construction should be protected with construction performance bonds. Protect your cultivated relationships between site owners, contractors and even local authorities. At Pinnacle Surety, we have a huge range of performance surety bonds on hand to help our clients.

Contract Performance Bonds

Performance bonds are coverage for a project that isn’t completed, ensuring that the site developer can recoup the costs of any financial losses or can hire a new contractor to complete the task. As a contractor, contract bonds give a site developer or project owner confidence in your ability to complete a project to a high standard, budget and time frame. Develop your business and expand into new territories with contract performance bonds.

Performance Surety Permit Bonds

Completion Bonds

Are you involved in a multi-contract project with lots of finances and resources at stake? A completion bond guarantees that your project will be delivered to the anticipated standards, budget and time frame that your project owner requires. A contract performance bond is limited to one contract, while a completion bond describes the overall project. A completion bond can reassure all parties in the success and delivery of your final project.

Subcontractor Performance Bonds

Do you have a big project? As a general contractor, you might need to rely on a team of subcontractors to complete a specific job or project. But you might feel concerned, with your own contract performance bonds and completion bonds riding on the success of your subcontractors. A subcontractor performance bond with Pinnacle Surety can help you feel confident that you are covered for any situation when working with an outside party.

Construction Surety Bonds That Show You Can Deliver

In addition to performance surety bonds, there are a number of commercial construction surety bonds available to show that you can deliver to a high standard throughout a project journey. We have a wide range of bonds to show high performance for every element of the project lifecycle. At Pinnacle Surety, we are proud to work with our clients to ensure they are able to get approved for construction bonds.

Bid Bonds

Bid bonds tell the project owner that if you win the project, you will not only enter into a contract, but also take on all contract and performance bonds to ensure project completion. A bid bond is a great way to show potential site developers or property owners that you are a reputable contractor, right from the outset.

Payment Bonds

Payment bonds, also called labor and material bonds, are proof to site developers and project owners that you have the financial resources to complete the project. It can have benefits all the way down your pipeline, as you demonstrate to suppliers, vendors, your team, and subcontractors that you have the resources it takes to complete a project.

Working With Local Authorities

When your project spans subdivisions, excavations or locally owned land, there are several bonds we have on hand to signal to the city you are a reputable property owner or contractor. Fortunately, at Pinnacle Surety we can provide a huge range of bonds for those cases where you need to work with a particular district or local authority. Want to win the government contract of your dreams? With our subdivision bonds, permit bonds and excavation bonds, you can start to make your way into construction with local authorities.

Subcontractor Performance Surety Bonds

Subdivision Bonds

Subdivision bonds signal that you as the contractor have all the tools needed to complete a subdivision. From roads to roofing, a subdivision bond provides evidence to a local authority that you are the best contractor for the job. It confirms that you as the contractor will complete all elements needed to finalize the subdivision, including sidewalks, streets and drains.

Permit Bonds

Permit bonds are posted by developers to the local authority to show that you will follow all development laws for that local area. It covers financial resourcing, building codes and regulations, and even post-project cleanup. It stipulates that throughout the project, all the way up until you leave the area, you will respect the locals, the building laws, and the district.

Surety Bonds For Excavation

Surety Bonds for lateral support or excavation cover any instances where your property development will infringe into local authority territory – e.g. digging drains, excavating sidewalks or installing electrical works. The bond shows that you will respect the local area, and restore it to its prior state, much like the regulations in the permit bonds.

A grading permit surety bond is required for extensive works where earth disturbance exceeds more than 2,000 square feet. A building permit application cannot be submitted until the grading permit is posted. At Pinnacle Surety we can help you with any anticipated large scale projects, to ensure you can expand your properties the way you need.

Show You Can Perform With A Pinnacle Surety Bond

Performance surety bonds show that you have no issues proving that you can complete a project to high standards. At Pinnacle Surety, we provide bonds for projects of all shapes and sizes and for all stages of the project pipeline. Whether you have a multi-contract project that needs a completion bond, or want to win your first bid with a bid bond, we can cater to your construction needs.

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