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What Is A Performance Bond?

Performance Bond ConstructionIf you are working in the construction industry, possibly government contract work, then you probably already know that there is a performance bond required on any project that has a high value. Essentially, a performance bond is a legally binding agreement that the contractor signs to say that they will be able to meet all the conditions that have been set out in the contract. To put it simply, if you want to ensure that your project is going to get completed and you have put a significant amount of money into it, you are probably going to have a performance bond on it so that you know the work is going to get done. Sometimes a contractor can face setbacks which can hinder the construction process, and it is also common for contractors to say that they can no longer complete the project when this happens, but if you have a performance bond on this, then this is not going to affect you financially.

Focused On Surety Bonds

The thing that sets our company apart from other bond agencies on the market is that we have a focus on surety bonds. What this means, is that if for some reason the contractor or a second part cannot fulfill the obligations of a contract, the guarantor promises to pay a certain party an agreed-upon amount of money. This protects against any losses that could be incurred because of the failure to meet the obligation that was set out in the contract.

It is rare to find a bond agency who will specialize in this area, but at Pinnacle we believe that this is important. Other multi-line agencies focus on other areas, but we pride ourselves on being able to maintain healthy and long-term relationships with our surety companies and being able to provide these solutions to those who need them.

The Right Bond For You

At Pinnacle, it is our aim to ensure that you have the right bond delivered for your needs. Getting the right bond on time is important for a number of different reasons, and if for any reason you do not receive your bond on time, it could affect your plans. That is why we focus on making sure that you have exactly what you need when you need it. We do this by hiring internal Surety Bond Underwriters that can expedite the bonding process in order to deliver you with your bond when you need it. We are all about providing our clients with exactly what they need, and that is what makes us stand out.

Choose Pinnacle Surety

One of the reasons that you should choose Pinnacle Surety for your bonds is that we have been providing quality services to all of our clients since being established in 1994. That’s 25 years of experience that we can offer you, which should give you the peace of mind that you need to trust us with all of your payment and performance bonds. Everyone who works in our company has been highly trained and can offer you the high-quality service that you are looking for. We can guarantee that you will experience nothing but efficient work from each and every member of our staff, making the entire process easier on you.

Pinnacle Surety Bid Bonds

Something else that it is important to look at is bid bonds. A bid bond is going to be issued as part of the supply bidding process by the contractor to the project owner. The point of this is to provide a guarantee that the contractor will take up the project based on the terms that were set out when the winning bidder bid on the project. What this means is that someone has bid on a project and won, a bid bond ensures that they have to undertake this project as long as the terms are the same as what they were when the contractor bid.

Pinnacle Surety Appeal Bonds

An appeal bond is another type of surety bond that a court will require from an appellant who wants to delay payment pending a judgment. This amount of money is placed in holding while the appeal bond is going through the court. This happens when the appellant is trying to reverse the decision that has been made by the lower court. It is usually the amount of the original judgment in case the decision is not overturned.

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