Pinnacle Surety is a contractors bonding and insurance company specializing in contract bonds including bid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds, completion bonds, subdivision bonds, etc. We are a reliable and honest partner you can count on. Our team is made of qualified experts with quick responses to meet the demands of any business and enhance your bonding capabilities. As a construction business owner, you should know all about contractors bonds. We offer contractors bonds to protect your business and help you enhance your brand reputation.

We deal in different types of bonds or contractors. We aim to help you protect your business by shouldering most of the burden so that you can focus on core business functions that promote growth. Some of our offerings include:

  • Surety bond: a surety bond is a signed agreement between a contractor and the principal. This agreement spells out the principal’s expectation of the contractor. Additionally, the contract must stipulate the terms and conditions of the agreement, such as the amounts involved, specifically what the contractor would pay for failing to deliver.
  • Contractors bond: a contractor bond is a special kind of surety bond. However, contractors bonds are designed to protect contractors working on projects.

Why do you need contractors bonds for your business?

Contractors Bond Company BusinessSurety bonds are a binding requirement by law to protect contractors and principals. For contractors, these bonds are crucial for the survival of their business. Regardless of the kind of services you offer and the facilities and technologies you have. The unexpected can still strike your business. An occasion that makes it challenging to meet your end of the bargain puts you at risk of a lawsuit. Lucky enough, if you have a contractors bond, you are protected.

At Pinnacle Surety, we offer a wide range of construction bonds to cover all aspects of your business. Some of these surety bonds include:

Bid bonds

Are you in a race to win bids for a project? Our bid bonds will ensure you enter into a contract with the principal if your bid wins.

Performance bonds

Our performance bonds are designed to protect you from any financial loss that may accrue from a contractor’s failure to meet your demands as stipulated in the contract.

Payment bonds

Payment bonds are used with performance bonds. These bonds will ensure that the construction company you hire pays for materials and labor costs.

Other types of surety bonds we offer to protect you and your business include:

  • Subdivision bonds
  • Subcontractor bonds
  • Construction bonds
  • Permit and license bonds
  • Completion bonds
  • Land grading bonds

Choose Pinnacle Surety

There are many contractors bond companies you can choose from. However, not every company you come across is as professional and experienced as we are. Plus we’ll work to increase your surety bond capacities.

Accordingly, some companies deal exclusively with bonds, without specialty programs. On the other hand, we understand the bond market inside out. Pinnacle Surety is also a recognized managing general underwriter.

Go direct with Pinnacle Surety

As one of the most reputable surety bond companies, we partner with different insurance brokers to ensure your bonds are approved. We also have a wide market presence that underlines our commitment and approval level.

Working with us means getting into direct contact with the right decision-makers to ensure your bonds are approved.

Most bond companies will have to go through carrier side underwriters to get their bonds approved. Accordingly, you may need your bonds submitted to MGU specialists. This may be time-consuming and costly in the long run. Pinnacle Surety is a recognized leading volume MGU that makes all these steps more accessible.

We help you save money on every claim

Contractors Bond Save MoneyWhat amount of bond do you need? We understand that it can be challenging to pay the full amount and legal fees on bonds. Similarly, you should understand that every bond you purchase makes you responsible for surety claim reimbursement. Therefore, it is essential that you choose your contractor’s bonds company wisely.

For more than 25 years, we have made a name as a reputable surety bond company in the market. We have claim advocates ready to work with you to save costs on claims. When you choose us, you can be sure to avoid all false claims and pay minimal costs on legit claims.

Most bond agencies do not get involved in the claim process. Instead, they focus primarily on selling bonds and collecting commissions. These companies may not have the know-how to defend you from some claims. That is why we are here for you. At Pinnacle Surety, we guarantee to be with you all the way to ensure you save costs on every claim made against your business.

Enjoy easy bond processes

There is no denying that the bond market can be overwhelming. As a contractor or a business owner, you need to find the right bond that comes with solid bond backing and at the perfect rate. At Pinnacle Surety, we make the bond process more straightforward and manageable for you.

Contact us for all your contractor bond needs

We are one of the most reputable bond agencies with over 25 years of experience offering contractor bonds. We pride ourselves in ensuring your business is protected at all times so you can focus on working without worries. Additionally, we offer one of the most competitive rates for all your contractor bond needs. At Pinnacle Surety, we understand that your business needs a cover without breaking the bank, and that is why we ensure you do not overspend on comprehensive bonds.

Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss your contractor bond needs and let us handle everything for you.