At Pinnacle Surety, we want you to feel confident in your construction project. No matter what contract, time frame or subcontractors you’re working with, we want you to ensure that you can go ahead with the confidence that bills will be paid and any losses recouped. At Pinnacle Surety, we are your partners in construction surety bond.

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Our construction surety bonds are designed to protect a large range of projects and individuals, including contractors, developers, site owners and local authorities. We want to provide our clients with the bonds they need to win bids, complete projects and build the properties and subdivisions they need to expand their businesses.

We cover a huge range of construction surety bonds, from contract performance, bid bonds, subdivision bonds, and many more. Our construction surety bonds are designed to cover the full spectrum of a project journey, giving contractors and developers the tools they need to complete jobs to time, high standards and budget. Our bonds are a sign of excellence to anyone that needs proof of our clients integrity, financial resources and skills. We want to work with you, no matter what side of the project you are working on.

Contract Performance Bonds

Our contract performance bonds, or contract bonds ensure that site owners or developers can feel confident they will be compensated if work is not completed. Through contract performance bonds with Pinnacle Surety, you can ensure your project through a performance bond as little as 1% of the project’s total value. With performance bonds, you can be successful in expanding your business and pursuing new construction projects.

Protect yourself as a sole trader in case of unforeseen circumstances and ensure you will be paid if anything goes wrong in the project. Pinnacle Surety’s contract bonds ensure that contractors and site owners or developers can both benefit even in unexpected circumstances that impact project delivery.

Subdivision Bonds

Construction Subcontractor Performance BondSubdivision improvement bonds are contract performance bonds exclusively for lands within a subdivision. Contractors taking out subdivision bonds with local governments are providing their own personal guarantee that items like sidewalks or electrical changes will all be handled as part of a subdivision project. Win big government projects with a subdivision bond with Pinnacle Surety. Show your confidence in completing all elements of a subdivision, from roads and drains through to roofing and gutters. A subdivision bond is the best way to show a local authority you are the person for the job.

Subcontractor Performance Bonds

If you need to hire a team of subcontractors to perform a job as a general contractor, you can feel at risk should they not perform. With a subcontractor performance bond with Pinnacle Surety, you can feel confident that you are covered in the event your subcontractor does not deliver to the time or quality your project deserves.

Bid Bonds

Bid bonds stipulate that if the bidder is awarded a job by the project owner, they will enter the contract and secure performance and payment bonds to ensure project completion. At Pinnacle Surety we can facilitate bid bonds and any subsequent bonds, to ensure that all participants are insured at the project outset. We want to ensure that you have the financial tools you need to complete even your most ambitious projects.

Completion Bonds For Construction

A completion bond guarantees that a project will be completed to time, budget and free of issues. A completion bond covers the whole project, and may span multiple contracts. With Pinnacle Surety’s high standard completion bonds, all parties involved in the construction project can feel confident that the project will be completed on time and to the standard it deserves.

Payment Bonds

Payment bonds ensure that the winning contractor has the finances available to pay everyone involved in the project, from their subcontractors and team through to those dispensing the materials. A payment bond shows confidence to site developers that you have the resources to complete tasks to budget.

Payment bonds can also be known as labor and materials bonds, and will give you a positive reputation across all elements of your supply chain. Your vendors, suppliers, and most importantly, your team, can feel secure in the knowledge they will be paid.

Permit Bonds

Permit bonds signal to the local authority that you respect their laws and legislation. Permit bonds show the contractor that you will adhere to public safety, protect your district’s financial resources and follow all building codes and regulations. It shows that once the project is completed, the location will be returned to its original state.

Permit bonds are usually posted by the site developer or property owner rather than the contractor. Pinnacle Surety can help you post the permit bond you need to win over the favor of a local authority or city.

Lateral and Excavation Support Bonds

Lateral Excavation Support BondLateral support and excavation bonds are a way of showing a local authority that you won’t damage any of the surrounding areas during a project. As an example, if you need to dig into a road to complete electrical or sewage, that excavation bond will show that you respect the local area and will restore it to its usual state.

A grading permit surety bond is for cases where earth disturbance exceeds 2,000 square feet. It is a more extensive form of a lateral and excavation support bond and must be processed before a building permit application is submitted.

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At Pinnacle Surety, we can help you, whether you’re a contractor or developer. We have successfully provided bonds to clients including Maneri-Agraz, Geney/ Gassiot Inc and the Rouse Company. Our bonds have allowed people to win government contracts in the multi-millions, expand businesses into new territories, and avoid any blockers to project success.

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