If you run a construction company, it’s crucial that you understand exactly what construction bonds are and why they are so valuable for your business. Construction bonds come in various forms, and it’s wise to enlist the help of experts at a construction bond company to help you determine which bonds are best suited to your business. At Pinnacle Surety, we specialize in bonds for construction firms and we have an experienced team ready and waiting to offer advice and guidance.

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Construction Bonds

If you’re a business owner operating in the world of construction, you may have heard colleagues or competitors talking about the benefits of surety bonds, but what are exactly are construction bonds, and are they essential for your building business? Construction bonds are known by several different names and there are sub-sections and divisions that relate to specific types of bonds. You may come across construction bonds referred to as contract bonds, and you might have stumbled across payment, performance, or bid bonds. These are types of construction bonds, which may be recommended for contractors or companies undertaking different types of projects. We’ll explore the subdivisions in more detail below.

Construction bonds are a type of surety bond, which can be beneficial for the company undertaking work, as well as any partner firms involved and the client. Having insurance can enhance your reputation, provide all parties with peace of mind and protect your finances.

Types of construction bonds

There are three main types of bonds used within the construction industry. These include:

Construction Bid Bonds

  • Bid bonds: bid bonds are designed to offer protection for the company in charge of a construction project. This type of surety offers cover in the event that a contractor doesn’t complete the work in line with agreed terms in the bid. If the project isn’t completed as expected, you have the right to make a claim. As well as providing protection related to the terms of the bid, bid bonds can also offer peace of mind that the contractor will take out payment and performance bonds as a means of obtaining extra cover to protect the project owner. Bid bonds can also help businesses to attract clients and obtain more work as they show that you are committed to the completion of the project. Bid bonds are usually obligatory for public projects, but many private companies also request this kind of surety.
  • Performance bonds: performance bonds offer protection for the project owner in the event of a contractor failing to complete a project or carry out work that meets the required or expected standards. If the standard is below par, you have the right to take legal action and choose a different contractor. This type of surety bond is beneficial for maintaining the highest standards and helping to preserve your professional reputation.
  • Payment bonds: payment bonds are often taken out alongside performance bonds, and they help to ensure that the contractor pays suppliers, laborers, and any subcontractors in line with the terms of the agreement. If a laborer doesn’t get paid, for example, they would be eligible to make a claim and the project owner would be protected.

At Pinnacle Surety, we also offer additional bonds, including a contractor bond and maintenance bonds. Contractors bonds are designed to shield contractors that take on projects. As well as being beneficial for the contractor, a contractor bond can also be advantageous for the company hiring the contractor. In some cases, for example, when working on a project valued at more than $5,000 in the state of California, contractors bonds are a legal requirement. Maintenance bonds are a means of protecting clients against any problems they might encounter related to the materials used or the quality of services.

Why are construction bonds beneficial?

Construction Bond BenefitsIf you run your construction business with military precision and you have a flawless track record, you may wonder whether you really need construction bonds. The trouble with business is that nobody knows what is around the corner, and even a minor mishap can have long-lasting implications. In many cases, it is a legal requirement to have construction bonds in place, but even if a project owner doesn’t stipulate this as obligatory, there are widespread benefits. If you fail to complete work, or you find yourself on the receiving end of complaints about the quality of workmanship, this could have a major impact on your finances, and you may even be faced with legal action. As well as putting a dent in your profits, your reputation will also suffer and that will affect you in the future as well as the present. With any type of business, it’s beneficial to protect yourself as much as possible, but in construction, where mistakes, delays, and unexpected incidents are more commonplace, it’s vital to make sure you have the right cover.

Protection is the most obvious benefit of construction bonds, but having the right surety bonds can also help you build your brand and increase the amount of work you take on. Clients are looking for trustworthy, reliable companies, and if you’re covered, this could make the difference between winning and losing a job.

Getting the right surety bonds for your construction business

If you’re new to the world of construction bonds, you may be uncertain when it comes to choosing the right surety bonds for your business. At Pinnacle Surety, we have extensive experience in working with construction firms, and we provide tailored advice based on the types of projects you undertake. We can help to ensure you have the right bonds and that you’re able to attract new business and maintain an excellent reputation. We won the Surety Agency of the Year Award in 2017, and we pride ourselves on offering a service. We know the industry, and we understand exactly what is required to drive your business forward and provide optimum levels of protection.

If you have any questions about construction bonds, you don’t know which types of surety bond you need, or you’d like to explore cover for your company, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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