Do you work in the construction industry? If so, you’ll need construction surety bonds for your projects. That’s where we come in. At Pinnacle Surety sell contract bonds for contractors and subcontractors in a wide range of construction industries. We offer consultations to help you find the proper bonds for the right protection, whether it’s for a residential building, industrial building, or construction project.

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Bid bonds are used when submitting a bid on a project, which is required for government bids. We have worked with thousands of companies in your industry to help them secure the proper bid bond at an affordable cost. Performance bonds are often required by construction companies, especially if they are working on federal projects. We will help you settle on the correct type of contract bond for your business, which will protect you and your clients in the event of a loss.

What are the most common types of contract bonds?

If you’re working on buildings or another type of large-scale project, Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds, and Payment & Performance bonds may be required. But what exactly are they?

Common Types Contractor Bonds

Bid Bonds

For contractors who submit bids on projects, bid bonds protect the winning bidder from losing money if the project is canceled and they decide to go with a different contractor. Bid bonds can also safeguard a bidder from a competing bid that is a lower false or misleading bid. Government agencies usually require bid bonds and often prefer to use them instead of performance bonds.

Performance Bonds

For contractors who work on federal, state, and city projects, performance bonds are common. Performance bonds provide financial security to a bond company that has taken on a project, and then another company handles the actual work. Performance bonds are helpful in a loss, where one company doesn’t finish the job, and another company has to come in to fix it. Performance Bonds allow for an easier transition on-site.

Payment & Performance Bonds

These all-inclusive bonds protect both the contractor and its subcontractors. And while they are not familiar, payment and performance bonds are required on some large projects. They cover both the contractor and its subcontractors from the other party failing to pay for services rendered.

Subdivision Bonds

If you’re involved in the construction of subdivisions, Subdivision Bonds are required. They protect builders from having to pay out of pocket for any potential losses while constructing a subdivision. They reduce a builder’s risk of losing money and help them to get a reasonable price for their properties.

A subdivision bond is a contract performance bond that is sometimes known as a variety of other names. You may have heard them being called developer bonds, land improvement bonds, site improvement bonds, completion bonds, or performance bonds.

What are the benefits of construction bonds?

Construction bonds are designed to be beneficial to the contractor and those involved in the construction of a building. For these bonds to be effective, they need to be set up correctly. The only thing that matters is what is going to benefit you and your business the most.

Contract Construction Bonds BenefitsTo understand how construction bonds can benefit you and your business, you need to prepare yourself for a bit of a learning experience. There are no simple answers when it comes to construction bonds, and they specifically vary depending on the nature of the project. For example, if you’re planning on building a house, you can rely on construction bonds to provide liability protection for all laborers who assisted with the project. If you’re going to get construction bonds, you need to understand the financial and liability risks involved with your project and Pinnacle surety is here to help.

It’s important to remember that construction bonds don’t cover the project’s cost, but instead, they protect you from getting sued if anything goes wrong during the building process.

How can Pinnacle Surety help?

Pinnacle Surety is a contractor bond and insurance company that works extensively with contract and construction companies every day. The staff at Pinnacle comprises people who work in your industry, and we understand how you work and why you need a bond. We know the risks you face as a contractor, and we’re ready to help you with those risks.

Pinnacle Surety’s Construction Bonds for Contractors protect contractors from the risk of non-performance and liability for mistakes and accidents. We are a seasoned surety bond agency with a proven record of protecting contractors in the construction business. Since our inception, we have been in the industry for over 20 years and protect contractors from legal liability.

What do Contractors bonds cover?

Pinnacle Surety offers various contractor and subcontractor bonds to protect both the contractors and their customers.

Bonds can be complex, but our experts are here to help you understand the details of your bond needs so you can put these tools to work for your business. We want to help your company be successful. That’s why we offer consultations to answer any questions you have about your bond needs. Ready to see how our bond specialists can help you?

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