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Vanessa Copeland Bond Flow Manager

Vanessa Copeland

Vanessa Copeland joined Pinnacle in November of 2010. Vanessa has a great attitude and work ethic. She provides a positive influence to our Team. She is the first person to represent Pinnacle to our clients when they call or enter the office and always has a welcoming attitude. Previous to Pinnacle, Vanessa spent four years with a publically traded retailer as a bookkeeper and price coordinator. Her skill sets acquired during this period are valued assets that she brings to Pinnacle. In addition to her responsibilities as Office Administrator, she is responsible for preparing the majority of the bonds issued daily, which requires a high level of detail and concentration. Vanessa, who loves family and children, welcomed her first child in 2014. She is anxious to add to her extended family of which she has 38 first cousins. Helping the homeless is near and dear to Vanessa. For the past seven years she has helped feed the homeless monthly and on Holidays.